eSIM support?

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from the lack of any hits in the forum i assume that this is not yet supported on either of the current Teracube phones, but just in case: are eSIMs supported? if not, is it a hardware or software issue? and if software, could they be supported in a future update?

since an eSIM eliminates the need for yet another plastic SIM card, they seem like a much more sustainable option. of course i know very little about them besides what Wikipedia says and the few network providers that have starting advertising their availability.

thanks, w

eSIM needs hardware and is not part of current Teracube phones. Will be part of our roadmap in few years for sure.

i figured that it was something like that but thanks for confirming. hopefully, if there is not some less sustainable, open, privacy, etc. aspect, the eSIM will make future Teracube phones more eco-friendly. so i guess this can be considered a feature request :slight_smile:

thanks, w

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