exFAT support?

ahoy all,

i am wondering how to get exFAT support enabled for the stock Android 10 or 11 beta on the Teracube 2e? it seems to have been available in Android for quite a few versions though may require OEM support. however i have tested with our 2e on Android 10 and get an “Unsupported SD card” error.

since the 2e supports microSD cards > 32GB and for those cards the default/recommended filesystem is exFAT, i would guess that the 2e could also provide exFAT fs access.

thanks for any help in advance. i also would be happy to test/try out any “experimental” solutions and report back to help get this into the stock OS.

thanks and take care, w

Hi ran into this issues myself. exFAT is a Microsoft extension and need to pay or it. Fat32 works well sadly for large drives like 1tb the T2e doesn’t have the power needed to do the job. The T1 does. Can also use a PC to do this but will have to look for a free format tool to do it for anything over 32gb if I remember correctly.
I used one but can’t remember the name will post if can remember

thanks for the reply. are you saying that the 2e does not have enough power to access exFAT formatted drives?


No no… it just doesn’t have the drivers/software to access a exFAT drive. exFAT is proprietary to Microsoft and requires payment for companies to add it to their software. Fat32 is available but the T2e isn’t powerful enough to format a 1tb Hdd I haven’t tried a 500gb Hdd but suspect the same.

You can use a more powerful phone and get it done for you by a friend. It doesn’t take long. There is software you can download for free but I can’t remember what I used. It’s a pain windows 7 doesn’t have it as an option for large Hdd’s never checked windows 10.

Fat32 has some limitations but since software for Android isn’t normal that large it shouldn’t be an issue.

I do hope Google will develop a better file system than we can use.

In FAT32, a single file can only be as big as 4GB, which is very restricting considering the typical uncompressed Blu-ray movie can be anywhere from 20 to 40GB (and even more for an uncompressed UHD Blu-ray movie).

If it’s a licensing issue, maybe we would be able to get ext4 support? That would fix the problem with 4+ GiB files.

(I’m not saying we already have ext4 support: I tested that a few months ago and we don’t. But I wonder if it might be a more feasible request to make of the folks at Teracube.)

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I tested that also and it wasn’t supported it could be an ask for the future. Want to look and see if there is other options considering ext4 is a dead end also from what I can see. Wondering if there is an open source solution that is a viable option? I know if you buy a travel router many of them have NTFS and exFAT support even the older one I have does. Future build I want to make will have a newer one and a nvme connected to it. I would love if There was a better app with these products that would allow easier file access but it has been something not many seem to want as everyone wants the cloud where as I do not.