Externally Hdd not connecting. 1tb all documents say it should work

Hi all so I have a 1tb portable Hdd I formated to exFAT but the phone still will not accept it T2e or the T1 everything I have read says it should work. But it wants to reformat the device I have tried and it crashed my T2e just trying twice! … had to use my PC to delete the partition and start fresh both times. Anyone know how to get this working. Really want to be able to use it as my external storage.

Ok so found out the T2e doesn’t support ext4 either only fat32. Used software I had to find and download to format to fat32 as the T2e is not powerful enough to format a large drive and crashes requiring you to remove the partition and restore it as it will be corrupted due to the phone crash and not being completed. The phone will not recognize it after. Advise people not to attempt to use anything larger than a thumb drive unless know how to do to above. The T1 Will also be able to format the external HDD (also tested) the T2e sadly will not work with a hub that also charges (like the T1 does) due to not supporting usb-c to usb-c charging. Though you can preserve your phone battery by connecting the external power to the hub and the external drive will run off the power from the hub mostly vs your phone. I have ideas to solve this but not sure if I have the technical skills to do the wiring. I am looking forward to seeing what the next gen phone T3 will bring. As much as the T2e is an excellent basic phone for users that don’t need much more, more and more chargers are appearing that use usb-c (×2) charging vs usb-a to usb-c.
I do hope teracube looks to add AR/VR functionality back into the phones as this is something that is missing. Also would love to see easily activated phone call recording for areas that it is legal like Canada. Though I have ideas to get around this also externally though there are products out their the $150+ is a bit extreme.

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