Find My Device sound won't ring if phone is in Do Not Disturb

I recently lost my phone, and deployed the sound that Google lets you play in order to find it. I ultimately found my phone largely by luck, but it will not play the emergency tone when in Do Not Disturb mode. Seems like something to fix!!

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I wonder if this is something at Googe/Android level. Will try that scenario myself and see what’s happening.


Hi, Heather,
In the Settings app, try going to Sound > Do Not Disturb > Sound & Vibration and make sure “Alarms” is turned on. The Find My Device sound is implemented as an Alarm, and while Alarms should normally operate even when Do Not Disturb is active, it’s possible they may have been disabled somehow.

Let us know if that helps!

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Thank you Robert for this reply! I don’t know if this is just Teracube. If Teracube can control this: no matter what settings one chooses for Do Not Disturb (in some situations one would want alarms to ring) one should not be able to change the a default for Find My Phone from ringing at high volume. It is only by chance that I did not lose my phone on this occasion; with a ring I would have heard it.

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This is a good feedback. I had just assumed that Find my phone will ring at the highest volume regardless of any setting.