Fingerprint setup disappeared from settings

I used to use the fingerprint setup on my Teracube.
One fine day, the fingerprint setup on the phone has vanished.
I tried updating, restarting etc. No dice.
Maybe the fingerprint sensor has stopped working?
I am not sure what else can I do to troubleshoot this.
It is disappointing to see it fail like this.

Has anyone encountered anything like this? is this some form of user error? Or is it a software issue or a hardware issue?


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Hi @Mahesh - sorry to hear that. Have you tried a reboot?

Hi Sharad,

Yes, tried reboot a couple of times.
Will try again today.


Tried the reboot, I dont see the fingerprint yet.
Is there a place I can take the phone Sharad to get it checked out?


As the next step, please backup your data and do a factory reset. If the reset does not fix the issue, then we can do a warranty swap. You can send an email to with the order details and link to this discussion.

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