First big drop

I had my first big drop with my 2e tonight. I had stupidly placed my phone on top of my parents Jeep before I rode with my dad to the auto parts store and didn’t remember it until we were already going down the road. As soon as I said “where’s my phone” I saw it tumble from the top of the vehicle and onto the asphalt as we were travelling about 30 mph.

Luckily the road wasn’t busy and he pulled over quickly. I was able to find it face down on the road and once I powered it on again, the only issue I found was a few scratches and one hairline crack in the screen protector.

For those wondering, I have the black protector case and this screen protector: It doesn’t fit perfectly, but protected my screen just as the label says and I’m typing this message on the 2e with the same screen protector. All in all, I’m very satisfied with the phone, case, and screen protector that I have. I hope everyone as absent-minded as I am has the same or better experience I did with my first big drop . Great job all around guys!

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That is indeed a lucky save :cold_face: :slight_smile: