Flip / Wallet Case available on AliExpress.com

If you are looking for flip or wallet type cases, they are listed on aliexpress.com (search for Teracube 2e). Quite cheap but I cannot vouch for the fit. I do know it may take a while to reach its destination.

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Probably the same thing on Amazon. (disclaimer: not affiliated, probably shipping from china)

this is not a specific case for the 3e its just a generic fit one they use for a handful of phones that are the same dimensions. there are also now “aftermarket” screen protectors they specify for the 2e for about 3$ for 2 of them in glass from aliexpress

Could someone please give the phone dimensiosn and some other models of phones with the same dimensiona so I can source a protective case that will work for the 2e. Not bothered if I need to make some DIY adjustments for phone jack ports etc…

The closest fit case would be the Huawei Y6/Y6P. The buttons and fingerprint hole are just a fraction off but usable. The hole for the headphone jack is not in the right place though, you’ll need to punch a hole at the top. Hope this helps.

Thanks! Will post a picture of how it looks!