FM Radio not working on /e/ OS?

What version of /e/OS are you on?

I was using the last version back then, and I am now using the current last version too, 1.15.
I think that I need to flash that native library, as the app keeps crashing, but I don’t know why it isn’t packed and don’t want to make experiments without proper advice.

PS: i totally missed your same day reply, I hope it’s ok to retake this to you.

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oh, I see now, I wasn’t “tracking” the topic and you didn’t reply nor mention me, @Saijin_Naib :slight_smile:

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Hi, one teracube 2e owner here too, with e/OS. Is anybody working on this? Is it in any to-do list? It’s been one year and a half and many releases since that “very soon”.

If you are not making fm radio into this supposedly eco and free-libre smartphone please just say it, the inactivity here already suggests it.

And of course, if I can be of any help, please say it.

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I’ve upstreamed the request to Sharad and the Dev Team, and they are looking into it, but the available information has not changed at this point.

They are looking into it, and are aware that it is a wanted feature, but there is not currently a timetable other than hopefully soon.

Other tasks have taken priority, which understandably has lead to some frustration around this issue.

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