Followup: Phone ability on Teracube 2e

So, the Google Play Store has updated the phone app while in the background. I tested the overall phone itself by listening to an audio recording on Telegram and the phone had immediately locked up, as before.

I forced a restart and uninstalled the phone app from the Play Store. Only when I did this, was I able to maintain complete control of the phone once I listened to the clip on Telegram again.

This begs the question of what do I do from now on? Must I always keep in mind of uninstalling the phone app?

This might be a little hard to deal with, but then I immediately remember how hard Apple makes it to be a phone customer when the battery fails, where I know that I much rather would want to be a continued Teracube user… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your consideration! Be well!

Have you tried an alternative dialer app? There is a Simple Dialer app available on F-Droid. I’ve been using it while having Google Play and all other Google apps disabled. It works well, although I wish it had the “most frequent” contacts grid interface like Google’s did. I don’t recommend disabling the Google apps unless you know the risks and workarounds. Disabling only the Google dialer and using Simple Dialer instead may help your issue.

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Thanks, I will look into this in the morning!

Be well!

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