Foreign SIM

Have used 2nd SIM abroad before and after updating to Android 11 it doesn’t work anymore
It keeps saying that the Mobile Radio is off. After accessing the Android test screen via ##4636## and trying to switch it on, it still doesn’t take. I tried the SIM in my friend’s Pixel 7 and it worked fine so I don’t believe the SIM is dead. Any Ideas?

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Have you tried swapping Sim 1 and 2 to see if maybe that slot is not working?

Yes, tried that too
However no dice

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So what exactly happens when you swap SIM1 and SIM2 spots? Does SIM2 work in Slot 1, or no? I just want to make sure I understand the behavior properly.

Have you done a Network Settings Reset yet?

Tried swapping slots and still didn’t work
Tried network reset and also didn’t work

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So Slot 2 never works, correct?

In that case, I think you should reach out to to inquire about a warranty repair.

Sorry for the confusion
Slot 2 works with my regular US sim, just not the foreign sim ( in any slot)

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No, no worries, sorry I wasn’t asking the right questions to gain clarity.

Thank you for confirming!

So to summarize, we know both SIM slots physically work, and both SIMs work (as verified on other devices).

So this is a device-local issue with the Foreign SIM only.

May I ask what carrier you have for both SIMs?

Another possible step of troubleshooting would be to do a reset/re-flash of the device via SPFlash, or via the recovery menu (or from within Android). You’d need to be backed up beforehand to prevent data loss.

I’m inquiring as to what might be going on, so thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Domestic carrier is T- Mobile
Foreign Carrier 012 Mobile

Just to clarify- what in theory would a reset/flash accomplish? Thanks

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Hi @B_W - could you give us logs when the foreign SIM is in?

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Sending now

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Clean baseline to test from, but it’s down the list still.

Sharing the logs will be much more helpful for the time being, so thank you for that!

I’m putting this here because I believe it may help someone else in the future. I have a Canadian SIM from TELUS and Spend 5 days a week in the US. I only have 1 sim. I tried everything.
The phone would connect and disconnect over and over. All I had to do enable a connection was turn off the tab that Said VoLTE and everything began to work.

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