From one minute to another many Apps crashes

hi there,
i need support. Few Minutes ago i tried to start my favorite quiz app which i was using since t2e primary setup without any problem. But the App crashes every time when i try to start. But it seems not to be an app problem, because many other apps (a further quiz app, sport news, opera browser, some google services) are also crashing. Power Off and reboot without success, also removing accu wasn’t helpful. I’m not glad to do a factory reset, because of the installation work to prepare all apps and so on. Do i have any other chances to keep it running ?

Could you share logs when this happens. Here are the steps: How to take logs for investigating issues

i will send the log in a few minutes, if the gmail app allows me to do.

I think i’m forced to do a factory reset because it isn’t possible to rely on the phone as it is actually.

Maybe unrelated, but my friend is also reporting this morning that their non-teracube phone is exhibiting the same problem where opening whichever app causes the app to close right away.

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Just found this.

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Wow, way to go, Goog. Reminds me of the Carrier Services update they pushed a month ago that broke messaging on any and all third-party dialers and apps. Amazing :roll_eyes:

Great find!

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Yes, it seems to be a google problem, especially the webview component. I read some similar posts in germany concerning other phone manufacterers. Sh…, i should have wait to do the factory reset…
But i’m happy that it isn’t a t2e Problem.

For all those folks who are having a problem with bunch of their apps crashing, please update all your apps by going to Play store > My apps and games. And then do a reboot.

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