Future of Teracube / Teracube challenge

Signed up for the 2e today, was able to get the $99 price point. 10/06/20

I don’t believe Teracube as a company will succeed but I decided to put my money where my mouth.

Here is the challenge, a pass/fail test. If you fail, I’ll never be a Teracube customer again and, I believe you’ll ultimately fail as a company. By your own statements you’ll have 4 years to complete the test. The clock starts with the arrival of the 2e in December 2020.

Your competition is in Nokia - 3 years of maintenace and 2 OS upgrades.

Teracube will provide the following and each item will be graded Pass/Fail culminating in a final Pass/Fail score.

  1. 2e ships with Android 11.
  2. 4 years of OS maintenance
  3. 3 years of OS upgrades (so 12, 13, & 14)
  4. Maintenace will occurs at least once a month and no later than every 2 months.

You’re either better than Nokia or you’re not. That includes the environmental component as both companies provide elongated ownership (3 vs. 4 years).

This is the challenge. It’s about the future/viability of Teracube.
Nothing is up for debate. Good Luck.

Update: Truly saddened at the news that 2e will release with Android 10. This is an epic fail and indicates you simply cannot keep up with the technical side of things. I can no longer consider this product or Teracube viable.

Thank you for your wonderful email. Sharad and I read it together this morning and it’s totally a heartfelt message for us.

I can only say, “Challenge Accepted!!” :ok_hand:

We shall continue to strive and deliver the best possible to our fans and customers.