Future removable batteries

Well it looks like there is a chance that future phones will be required to have removable batteries is the new law is passed this will include iPhones. Personally I think this is excellent. Yes I know phones will be a bit thicker but small price to pay to be able to just swap out failing batteries and recycle them.

Wondering if Teracube might consider this for their future phones. Maybe use a phone battery style that is already abundant?



Yes!!! I love removable batteries. My last 2 phones I’ve had, I just bought extra batteries and charged them externally and swapped out as needed, I haven’t actually had to plug my phone in in over 5 years. It’s the best & will definitely be going with who ever brings back removable batteries for my next phone

Replaceable batteries is on our roadmap - as early as the next version. Good to see some political push as well in this direction.

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