Gave my 2e some love

Just got off the road a few days ago and was able to install the Teracube screen protector. Perfect fit, no bubbles, no halo. It was like getting an OLED screen after dealing with the dingy stock film.
Then I added a 512gb microsd to really have some headroom.
Previously, I installed a WSKEN magnetic charge/synch tip & cable. I
can use the same cable on microUSB, USB C & Lightning. No wear or strain on the phone jack.
I installed a metal plate inside the phone case which I use with a RAM magnetic mount. The whole set up works great.
Just need the wine and roses to fall in love with the phone again…lol


Love the love :smile:. How is the magnetic cable working our for you?

I love them! Have them on all of my devices except the very oldest. They work on micro USB, USB-C and Apple lightning. Tried several brands over the years and the WSKEN X series are the best. You only need one type of cable for the three tip types. It saves jack breakage and wear. Also keeps dirt out of the jack.

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