Gluing back a still functioning screen

I’m having that issue where my screen is coming unglued, which a few others have reported. I looked on the screen repair tutorial and the instructions seem to be for a full replacement of the screen, but mine is fine other than coming up.

I called a cell phone repair place and they want to charge me 60 bucks to glue it back and nothing else, and I’d rather not pay that if it’s something I can do at home.

Are there official instructions on how to glue a screen that’s still working back on? I know what glue I need to use (b7000, I’m pretty sure). It seems unnecessary to me to fully disassemble the phone just to get the screen adhered back down to the frame when it’s otherwise still working.

Hi @Kiera_Todd - you could do one of 2 things:

  1. Contact us to get a warranty replacement.
  2. Glue it yourself or with a technician. Below are the instructions for the old screen part which details how to glue back the screen. Yeah, $60 seems a bit steep for just gluing back. You could try to shop around.

Screen Replacement (Old process - Archived)

Well, hello.
It just happened that the touchscreen of my teracube 2e got loose and came off its frame. it is still connected to the phone and still working fine. See pics attached.
What am I supposed to do? Just put on some glue? What kind of glue?

Now i just wrapped a piece of tape around the phone, which looks pretty stupid and does not improve usability.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Frohwald - we will recommend contacting us for a warranty replacement. As an alternate way, you could use a local repair shop to get it glued back.