Google Camera Go 2.5 MOD version

Many teracube 2 users have been unhappy with the results using the installed camera app or the Open camera app. Google has developed a new app based on the Pixel camera app which supposedly works on other android phones. I would appreciate some feedback from those who have tried to install and use the app. It could improve the quality of our pictures.

I gave it a try. Since the official Google Camera Go app doesn’t appear in Aurora Store (I’m running LineageOS) for me, I grabbed the latest MOD version by Greatness. I also installed the latest Gcam-Services-Provider, although I don’t know if it’s necessary for Google Camera Go (it is for Google Camera if you don’t have Google Play Services or microG).

The upside is that Google Camera Go MOD installs and opens. All of the camera can be accessed although the 2e’s wide angle camera is accessed under Macro in Google Camera Go and the normal rear camera is accessed under Wide angle.

Tapping the picture button initially seems to take a picture and a thumbnail appears in the gallery button. However, after a few seconds the thumbnail disappears and the image never appears in the Gallery app.

There are a number of possible causes here.

First, I’m using a 256 GB SD card as adopted storage. It’s possible that the write times are slow enough that they timeout. Not using adopted storage should cause Google Camera Go to save photographs to the faster internal storage. However, I can’t test this without losing a lot of data (I have more data stored on the SD card than can fit in internal memory so I can’t easily disabled adopted storage).

Second, the 2e hardware is either too slow at processing images (another timeout issue) or completely missing functionality required by Google Camera Go.

Third, there a specific bug caused by the interaction between the unofficial build of LineageOS and hardware.

Of course there are other possibilities. Maybe somebody using the stock firmware or not using adopted storage can give this a try and report on their findings.

Downloaded the pinned version from Greatness Telegram and seems to work fine for me with Stock 16 firmware. Using a 512GB adopted so that shouldn’t be a factor for the working/not. Confirmed it took a picture of my leg and rug, then I deleted the image successfully without any issues.

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Can you make a list of what is working and what is not? And what is better than stock app.

This is new to me, can someone help to explain which version is better for Teracube 2e? Lite or Go version? I have tried both version in my T2e, to me the photo results are the same and I can’t use flash on both.

Flash worked fine using Camera Go and Stock u16 on my T2e. If there’s specific tests, can do, but I haven’t been taking many photos or features recently. Normally I just go back to my legacy CameraZoomFX from back when Google used to do 10 or 25 cent app sales.