Google duo low quality

Front facing cam quality very pixelated like and unclear on Google duo. Seems like I’ve had better results with my older device. Any solution?

Is the quality any different than the Camera app screen for selfie? Does it make a difference in a well-lit room?

it’s much different in the duo app. Quality changes so drastically in the duo app for the worst for some reason. Maybe you can test it and see if you have a similar issue? In a well lit room the duo app is still bad quality.

I checked Duo’s home screen (not a call) and that seemed on par with Whatsapp (which I regularly use) and the camera.

Maybe you can try clearing Duo cache. Settings > Apps & notifications > Google Duo > Storage. Clear cache and storage.

Thanks. The steps didn’t really help but maybe it’s a duo issue. My duo camera also seems very zoomed in when I open the app.

Actually you are right - Duo is indeed zooming in. Is it possible that the other side sees it fine?

The otherher side also zooms in but it also lowers the quality as well.

Sorry I meant how your caller sees you? Do they see you fine or pixelated/zoomed?

I never use the rear camera during video calls. But when I open the app and switch cameras it still is zoomed in with low resolution. Other person still sees me the same low res.

Update: I just tried ZOOM and quality seems much improved over Duo.

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