Google has installed tracking software on all android phones

It is said you are in full control to turn it on and off but how often has Google and apple and third parties been know to keep there word

I confirmed it on my phone. NOTE this is Google not Teracube doing this.

How to block it once activated disable location services and blue tooth … or wrap phone in tin foil literally.


Aha. Found it. Settings->[services]Google->“COVID-19 Exposure Notifications”. Also on my LG-V20 running LineageOS ( 14.1-20170926-NIGHTLY-h918).

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With root (or maybe just adb access) you can probably spoof your location data for GPS and cell towers in order to make such tracking software useless.

There’s an app the Guardian Project (I think) developed for doing just that.

The reality is with Covid-19 right now I have added the software considering my work phone (an iphone) has it in and it’s forced and we workers can’t disable it. But with how people are it’s not a bad thing. Sigh if they want to track me fine. If I plan to do bad things I wouldn’t take my phone with me lol I would buy a cheap as I can find old fashioned flip phone with no gps … and only removing from pouch at appointed times to communicate. Or forget the phone and use radios But since I am not doing bad things. Who cares. With spy pixels in emails and every app tracking the hell out of you including all providers to cash in on it. Yes apple is adding anti tracking to its phone but what people do not realize is it doesn’t stop apple from tracking you. LoL there anti tracking is monopolistic so that only they can cash in on your data and means they can charge more for 3rd parties wanting that info. Sad and scary how the world works.

On the same token the tracking info can help just look at the capital riot in the USA.