Google Play Store -- Why Bother With It?

With my new Teracube 2e, I’m asked to get a gMail account and register my device on the Play Store, but isn’t the whole point of de-Googling to not to ?

Maybe I’m making a problem when there isn’t one, but I just wanted to ask while I’m at the beginning with my great phone.

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I think Terracube is more focused on sustainability than degoogling.

Assuming you are on stock android, I believe you can avoid the mandatory google account by not connecting to the internet during setup.

Otherwise you could install a different operating system that does have a focus on being less google-centric. I’d recommend /e/ but it isn’t out yet for the 2022 batch so you’d have to have some patience. Also there is lineage which is already out.

Hi @evolving - welcome to Teracube forums. Just to confirm - did you purchase T2e from us or from /e/ folks? Our phones come with the Google ecosystem while /e/ ones don’t.

thanks. Yes, I bought from the /e/ people – means: the one w/o the Google ecosystem. Is this still the right forum place for me in case I have questions or comments in the future? stanley

Thank you Serbit. I bought my Terracube 2e about a month ago directly from /e/ because I had already been their OS on their re-conditioned Samsung 7. Degoogling makes a lot of sense to me even though they’re a few things that won’t work well, but I like it.
And I’ll stay with this forum in case I have comments or questions later – and I’ll always make it clear which OS I have.

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You can post in either forums - Teracube or /e/. Or maybe both ;). I don’t use /e/ build myself but would like to stay updated with any issues or updates.

You don’t have to sign up / register to use Google Play store:

Now that I’m fully on /e/ with my Teracube II, isn’t it better if I can avoid registering my phone w/ PlayStore – or if /e/ thinks there’s no real reason to avoid it, I should just go ahead and use a Google email and register?
In other words, isn’t it true that the privacy-focused people who devised /e/ prefer that I try to avoid PlayStore – perhaps by using one of the complicated command line ways described a few posts below? thank you, stanley