Google Play System Update stuck

I am updating Google Play System Update manually (didn’t know there were also updates).
I did like, 3 different updates and now I am stuck at a 66MB update.
It installs but after a restart, the update is ‘vanished’, because the 66MB update is still there when I search for updates.

I did the following;

  • Wiped cache from System webview, Play Store, Play Services
  • Went into safe mode and installed it than.
  • Disabled developer options.
  • Deleted system cache via recovery. (I could try Safe mode again and try installing again)

Also; my system boots 2 times with boot logo and moving leafs before entering the system.
That’s also strange behavior

Do you have any ideas what I could try?

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Do you know what month update you are stuck on?

Ah yes, April 1st 2023 on the 13.0.1 beta 2 Android version, Zirconia model.

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Google Play Store is up to date in app.
I installed Android 11 on another Teracube 2e and did the updates too and they worked flawlessly; on November 1 2023.

My current phone has now magically a 64MB (I think it’s the same update sort of) update that is stuck after reboots. So, yeah, as always patience is key here, I guess. At least I can use Uber on the other phone with Hotspot Internet. Gonna try it tomorrow.

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It might just take some time, not all of my Teracube units are on the Nov security patch level yet, despite being current otherwise.

I confirm that too. Zirconia model and the same beta 2 of Android 13. Stuck on April 2023 Google Play system update.


Confirming on Emerald A13B2.

Thanks for the info, all.

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