Google Stadia

Would it be hard for Teracube to become compatible with Google Stadia? It seems like it’s up to the maker of the phones if it’s available or not vs Google doing it. With the big screen it could be a very good selling point for Teracube. It’s a good gaming phone and would easily run Top title games. You can use it through Chromium but it would be more secure and user friendly to be able to download the app.

It seems Google has extended Stadia only to a very limited set of OEMs as of now. Would love to partner and will keep an eye out for any announcements.

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Keeping up with Google Stadia:

Teracube is not listed as a “Supported” device. HOWEVER, if you go into settings in the Stadia app and hit the tab called (Experiments). It will give you a switch to play Stadia on a unsupported device. Its in development so using it may affect game performance. I played Destiny 2 on it last night for about a half an hour. There were a couple times it lagged a little but not a ton more than what my Pixel 3a would do and its a supported phone. I had fun playing on it. If you have Google Stadia give it a shot!

Been playing Stadia on my Teracube a lot lately. Really fun way to play console games on your android phone. Its free for your first month if anyone wants to try it.