Group chat issues?

Tried integrating my new phone number that I’m using with me teracube 2e into my work group message and every time i reply a new thread is created. Is there a setting I can edit to fix this, or is this a service provider issue? I am causing a lot of confusion for my coworkers :slight_smile:

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The Google messages app has 2 options for group messaging:
a. “Send an SMS reply to all recipients”
b. "Send an MMS reply to all recipients (group MMS)”

It could be that it defaults to (a) which is causing what you are experiencing. You can change the setting as follows (Credit : Republic Wireless forums)

  1. Open Messages
  2. Click the three stacked dots on the top right (on the main page where all conversations are shown)
  3. Select Settings, then Advanced
  4. The top item in the Advanced menu is the Group Message behavior. Tap it and change it to “Send an MMS reply to all recipients (group MMS)”.
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I had already switched to this setting before trying to set up the group message. Someone mentioned to me that most androids struggle with group messages and I’d just have to call my service provider. If you have other ideas for software fixes though, please let me know!

Could you try another 3rd party SMS/text app to see if that fixes the issue? Maybe one of these open source ones - QKSMS, Signal or Simple SMS.

As a Signal user on Teracube One, I can say that while it doesn’t have the issue OP struggled with, any group message containing non-signal users can be a pain. I frequently get errors stating that MMS messages failed to download. Not sure how it would work on the 2e though

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Hi @Wyatt_Greenwood - does your MMS work with the default Google messages app? Does your MMS work at all? I wonder if its a APN configuration issue with your carrier.

I never had an issue with it prior to making Signal my default messaging app, so I believe it works fine in the standard Google app. It’s also not every MMS message, either. I’d say maybe 3-5%. However, I have noticed that a higher volume of MMS messages in a short time span does increase the percentage of failed messages

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