Group SMS / MMS on the new Teracube 2e (2022)?

I have the new 2e and can’t see a group text from my previous phone (iPhone; iMessage turned off, MMS activated for group texts on Teracube). The group has more than ten members (11). I have AT&T if it matters and am totally new to Android, so more than a little lost. Help please!

Hi @A_Kei_Andrews - apologies for the late reply. Can you check few things:

  1. Are you able to create a smaller group SMS (maybe 3 or 4 friends/family) ?
  2. Is the problem that you can’t find the old texts (which could be an import issue)? Or are you not able to get new messages from that group?

Hi Sharad, no worries. I actually didn’t make the group, my son’s coach did. Yesterday though I did suddenly receive a message from the group. It now says 10 instead of 11 members, so that is a bit weird, but it does seem to be working now. It had just been uncharacteristically quiet in the group. :woman_facepalming: Thank you!

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Glad to hear. Please do post here if you have these issues again. I’m also curious if the issue is around magic number of 10.