Group texts sometimes don't work

I sometimes have trouble sending and receiving group texts, but at other times they will both work just fine. I haven’t been able to detect a pattern as to what causes the issue. All I know is sometimes everyone else in a group text will receive the message except me, and if I try to send a message, it will just get stuck on “sending” and never actually send, until eventually it says it failed to send (and nobody in the group ever receives it).

I’ve tried restarting the phone, turning off the wifi to just use the data connection, and turning off data to just use wifi. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the group text contains three members or ten. What does seem to make a difference though is the length of the message I’m sending. If I’m having trouble sending a long text, I sometimes have better luck if I split it into two shorter texts.

The next time it happens, is there anything you’d recommend I look for to identify the cause of the problem, or anything else I could try to fix the problem?


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That’s frustrating!

What messaging app are you using?

I’ve found Google Messages with RCS enabled to not give me much trouble, even in pretty hectic group chats.

The same was not always true for Simple Mobile Tools SMS and QKSMS.

It’s just the standard “Messages” app that came pre-installed on the phone.

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Are you willing to give Google Messages with RCS a try for a bit to see if the behavior improves?

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