Half my homescreen is unusable - Android 11

So I got my new replacement phone directly from you guys (thank you for that) and I’m trying to customize it and half of the first page of the home screen is unusable and I don’t know why or how to fix it. I’m trying to delete/remove everything from the main home screen and there’s something that I can’t grab to move to remove. All it says on this huge space is the current date. There’s large open space above it and it won’t go away.

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Sorry for the trouble!

Can you verify that the part of the screen where you can’t move that widget works in other cases? So, for instance, you can use the Notifications Shade, tap on icons on the top edge of the screen, etc?

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I’m attaching a screenshot (if It’ll allow me) of what my home screen looks like. Please ignore the messy, unorganized home screen. That’s my attempt to move stuff around, remove stuff, and try to get the top half out of the way.

It is the top half that I can’t place anything. It acts like there’s something big there and trying to move it or remove it does nothing other than give me options that don’t help.

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Hi @MyTrizzle - could you tell us (or share a screenshot) the build number? It is at Settings > About phone > Build number.

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Just to be clear, you can use the top of the screen in other apps, and you can pull down the Notifications shade to check your notifications, right? If you can’t, then it sounds like a physical/mechanical issue with the screen. If you can, it sounds like a software issue with that particular Launcher.

Please let me know :slight_smile:

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I can use the hop half of the screen with other apps just fine, I can pull down the shade just fine, I can use the phone just fine. I just can’t place anything in the top half of the home screen.

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Great, so not a physical issue.

Are you interested in using another Home Screen/Launcher, or do you wish to stick with the default?

I think the direction I’m going to go is LeneageOS - I used it once before on a previous phone and I think I’ll do it again. I know there’s some articles out there that cover this. Are there any updated ones I should start with first?

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I’m not aware of anything in specific in regards to LineageOS as I only use the /e/OS downstream (and that is about as simple as it gets for flashing):

For Emerald (2021):

For Zirconia (2020):

I imagine there should not be many changes aside from just using the images direct from LineageOS.

I apologize but I have no clue what you said.

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Oh, no worries!

That’s my bad, and thanks for the reminder to be more thorough with my answers. Bad habit :slight_smile:

So, /e/OS is a project by Gael Duval, the creator of Mandrake/Mandriva Linux. The Murena Phones ship with /e/OS.

/e/OS is what is called a down-stream release of LineageOS, which really just means that it is based upon the sourcecode of LineageOS with its own things on top.

So, I have not ever used LineageOS itself, but I do use /e/OS which is based upon LineageOS.

I linked the instructions for flashing /e/OS to the two different 2E models, which should be the exact same instructions as flashing LineageOS, with the exception that you’d just download and flash LineageOS img files, not /e/OS img files.

That all being said, I would like to recommend /e/OS if you’re already heading towards LineageOS as it has some really neat value-add things baked in that make it a stand-out release, or at least to me.

Thank you for the clarification! That makes so much more sense as I was like a lost puppy on the moon with no clue what was going on. lol

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