Help with phone connection and possibly log/prood


I have lived in my home over 15 years. My signal used to be horrible, but the boosters they put on telephone poles helped. As I’ve been having more trouble some little time ago, I tried to get T mobile to check the booster as my service was worse.

They don’t want to and I don’t do wireless in my house, and I don’t want corporately owned equipment on my network, using my internet. This past week, the phone is showing LTE but unable to call or connect even after I start stop mobile internet or reboot (those used to help sometimes). It’s gotten intolerable. I haven’t rooted this one. Please. Is there some proof I can provide without root? What can I show them?

Lastly, in I noticed the omacp notice/alert when rebooting. I guess from this Security - Malware - OMACP vulnerability? - #5 by Sharad
Is that correct? It just never updated in 10? Thanks. (originally thought this might be the cause or a symptom of my issue)

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The Omacp is a type of provisioning message used by carriers to configure the headset. The notification you see is just the system reporting what it’s doing normally. More details on how the security bulletin was fixed are here.

Regarding your signal, you can install and run the Meteor or the Ookla speed test app. Other option is this network analyzer app which shows 4G signal strength.

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