Holster for the 2e?

I like the case that my phone came with, but I would sure love to have a holster for it. I’m not comfortable just stuffing in my pocket.
Any suggestions?

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A universal one would be your best bet.

The only universal holster I can find for cell phones is my pocket. If you have a link for a universal cell phone holster I’d love it please just post it here thanks

Does the 2E have the same dimensions as any mainstream cell phone? Maybe I could get a holster for that one if it has the same dimensions.

Don’t have the dimensions handy when the case is on. However my guess that they should not be off from a mainstream phone + like a otterbox case.

Protect Onn. rugged case w/holster for the Galaxy S10. The holster w/belt clip fits my 2e, with the original 2e case, perfectly. Walmart even had them on clearance. Gave the left over S10 case to the local thrift store.

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Would you happen to have the brand/model of the holster case? We can then search on Amazon/Walmart for other users.

“onn.” is the actual brand name. I believe it is exclusive to Walmart. Their part number for it is “Walmart # 578739168”, and the case is blue. “Walmart # 578739167” seems to be the part number for the black case. But since all I wanted was the holster, case color did not matter. Holsters are black, regardless of case color. Does not seem to appear at the clearance price online though.

Eureka! I found that the holster for my Galaxy S9 Plus holds my Terra cube 2E with its protective case almost perfectly. It’s just a little snug getting it out of the holster.
If you search Amazon for these keywords you should see the holster I’m talking about.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Magnetic Ring Combo Holster Case

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https in your link has too many “ssss” - is the forum software doing that?

I ordered a case on e-bay for the 2e and it came today. Out of the package it is quite snug, but I expect it to loosen up. It appears nice and looks durable. Only thing I’m not that happy with is that the belt clip is plastic. All in all I’m happy with it

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