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I have Cricket for my service and one reason I upgraded my device to Teracube was because my previous device didn’t support hotspot functionality. Now Cricket is telling me that Teracube is not eligible for their hotspot functionality due to “hard-coded settings” in the phone. Would anyone be able to shed some light on what they might be referring to and if there’s any possibility of changing these settings to make the hotspot work?

**edit…I’ve seen a mention or two that dual APN support is required if this helps any

Our cricket SIM expired. Will need few days to test this out.

Anyone else with Cricket hotspot working or ideas?

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Hi Sharad, just checking to see if you had any updates on this?

Sorry - not yet. Just placed an order on Amazon - will get the SIM card today evening. Can you share what steps have you tried to activate hotspot?

Thanks. As far as the steps I go into Settings -> Network & internet -> Hotspot & tethering -> Wi-Fi hotspot and turn it on (after setting a hotspot password). I’m able to connect to the Wi-Fi network created by the hotspot but am not actually able to use data. It seems Cricket is not allowing data to flow for whatever reason.

And I’m assuming you have their hotspot plan? Do they need some special APN settings that you have already tried?

I do have their hotspot plan. When attempting to troubleshoot via chat with their support they simply told me that my device has hardcoded settings that make it ineligible. Chat transcript pasted below:

*AGENT (Jason): Kody, I see you need some help with Hotspot. My name is Jason and I’m glad to help you with that.

USER: I recently upgraded my phone and my plan to have access to the mobile hotspot functionality and unfortunately it is not working
USER: I’ve found after upgrading that my phone is not listed on the Eligible Phone list for hotspot
USER: But am wondering what qualifies as eligible and if we could get my phone added?

AGENT (Jason): I understand your concern and it will be a pleasure for me to explain to you with the eligibility of the hotpsot devices .
AGENT (Jason): Can I please have your pin/account code in order to authenticate your account?

USER: xxx

AGENT (Jason): Thank you
AGENT (Jason): Please help me by providing your IMEI number. To find your device IMEI, dial *#06# on your phone keypad.

USER: I have two IMEI #s
USER: xxx
USER: xxx

AGENT (Jason): Thank you
AGENT (Jason): Mobile Hotspot is not compatible with all phones. Android or Windows BYOD phones are currently not available for Mobile Hotspot. Some BYOD iPhones are compatible. Cricket cannot guarantee our Mobile Hotspot feature will work on non-Cricket devices. Please click here for a list of compatible phones.
AGENT (Jason): Cricket cannot guarantee our mobile hotspot feature will work on non-Cricket devices because of settings that are hard-coded and not adjustable.

USER: Yes, I’ve been directed to that plenty of times. I’m asking what qualifies a device to be eligible? I could take that to my phone developer to have them update
USER: Is it something cricket is blocking because my phone is not on the list?

AGENT (Jason): I understand your concern Because of this hardcoded setting your devices is not eligible for the hotspot .
AGENT (Jason): I am really sorry that you are experiencing this issue.
AGENT (Jason): I wish I could add your device to the list , these settings can not be manually changed.
AGENT (Jason): I hope you understand that.

Hmmm - there is a chance they might not allow it on any phone outside their list. Will try once I receive my card.

If that is the case, rooting might the only option. There are many tutorial online - like this one. We will recommend to have a paid hotspot plan if you do get this to work.

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Thanks for the tip. I was able to bypass the block Cricket had one by using rooting and using the settings in the link you provided. Ideally, it would be nice to just use normally but this will certainly do for now. Thanks again!

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