How do you answer an incoming call on teracube 1

Hi finally put a sim card in my phone and i get incoming calls but i have no clue how to answer them…help

Are you not seeing an answer button on the screen? Could you please share a screenshot/video of what happens when a call comes in?

No answer button. I press the phone icon and it just takes me to a contact screen…sometimes I can fumble around and find
a place to answer the call but it’s a crap shoot :slight_smile:

Very frustrating. I used skype for a 2 yrs without a sim card and had no trouble answering calls. Do you thing because I have
skype on my phone it’s not bringing ups the answer button??

Anyway you can help would be great… I finally put a sim card in so I could make calls away from my house and wifi…but if
its not going to work with a sim; I’ll just drop the service.


This is interesting. Could you please take a video of your phone when a call comes in. If you are concerned about privacy, then you can share it personally with me by clicking my profile icon or email it to .

Here is a youtube video on how an incoming call looks like on a different Android phone. Ours would be somewhat similar with on screen notification for incoming call.