How is Teracube Thrive safe for kids?

We get this question many times - how is thrive safe for kids or why should I buy Thrive for my child? We hope that this article answers these queries. Be sure to post your queries, suggestions, and comments below.

Why regular smartphones are not safe for kids

  • (Over) use of social media can be harmful.
  • Kids can get exposed to inappropriate content.
  • Too much screen time. An average pre-teen spends 4-6 hours and a teenager spends 5-7 hours on their phones every day.

Teracube Thrive Features

  • App approvals: Every app requires parent approval before 1st usage. This allows parents to screen harmful and inappropriate apps.
  • Time limits: Every app has a time limit. So kids won’t spend hours on youtube or their favorite games. For example - a parent can set 30 mins for youtube and 10 mins for candy crush. There is a total phone time limit as well which acts like an umbrella limit across all apps.
  • Kids-safe search and browsing: Thrive includes a kids-safe internet browser (SPIN) that blocks all inappropriate websites. It also provides safe internet search (the browser needs parent approval before use).
  • Blocks SMS/texts from unknown contacts.

We will keep rolling out more features as software updates (see our roadmap).

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