How to get IMEI and Serial number

Open the Phone app and dial “*#06#”. This will bring up the IMEI and SN information.

These are also available on the Teracube 2e under the Battery as well as on the original packaging.


@Sharad, I have a Mureno on order. I would like to do some potential carrier scouting while I wait for it. Is it possible to get access to a representative Teracube imei to test with different carriers? I have no need for it otherwise.

My issue is I currently have ATT on an iPhone mini. We live on top of a mountain in the sticks and rely on Wi-Fi calling. I realize ATT doesn’t play in this regard. So, I need to find a carrier that I might get a bar on and for sure I can use Wi-Fi calling. I’m interested in US Mobile (which isn’t on the list) as it uses t-mobile’s network (Teracube isn’t on their list either). It might just work?

Am I correct in assuming that carriers that use the ATT network will also not be able to offer Wi-Fi calling?



Hi @nancyp0913 - apologies for the late reply. I’m PMing you an IMEI you can use.

USMobile runs on Verizon and T-Mobile. So make sure you ask for T-Mobile SIM. I would recommend any TMobile based carriers (check here).

Correct. Wifi calling will not work with any ATT carriers.

Thank you very much, Sharad!