How to remove unwanted contacts and texts

Hi. We opened up the option for my daughter to manage her own contacts and she was added to several group chats with people she does not know. She wants removed from these and wants to delete these. We have gone through them with her, they aren’t bad just honestly annoying and constant. Is there a way on the adult side to remove these group messages? This is making her phone all but unusable because of constant texts popping up.

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Hi @Filecheetah - we are checking on this and will reply here asap.

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Update: We do not have this feature built-in yet, however, there is a workaround for now.

The default Messaging app does not allow blocking group SMS as of now. I have added this as a feature request, and we will get this implemented soon.

There is a 3rd party SMS/texting app that allows blocking of group SMS. App’s name is “Textra”. Here are the steps to get it working:

  1. Install “Textra SMS” app on your child
  2. Open Textra - it will ask for Parent approval. Allow it from the Teracube Parent app
  3. Now open Textra again and give it the SMS permissions
  4. Select all unwanted group texts, click on 3-dots and tap “Blocklist”

The downside of using a 3rd party SMS app is that the unknown spam SMS will not be blocked automatically.

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