How to sync contacts and photos to your child's Google account?


  1. Open the “Google photos” app on your child’s phone. If it is not there, install it from the Play store.
  2. The app will get blocked when you open it for the 1st time - give it permission from the parent app.
  3. Open the photos app again.
  4. If it asks you for backup - then enable it.
  5. If the Photos app did not ask you for backup, then tap the profile icon on top-right and then tap “Turn on backup”


  1. Open Settings app on your Thrive phone.
  2. Tap Accounts and then tap your google account.
  3. Tap “Account sync”
  4. Make sure Contacts sync is on

Now make sure all your new contacts are created under your google account.

  1. Open Contacts app
  2. Tap the “+” sign to add a new contact
  3. Make sure it says "Save to " at the top

You are all set. All new contacts will be synced to your Google account.

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