How to Use Dual (2) SIM Cards on Teracube One

Your Teracube can use two SIM cards simultaneously. Both SIMs can take calls, send messages. For Data - Android takes a default preference from the user.

To insert two SIM cards, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the case from your Teracube.
  2. Insert the metal SIM key included with your Tercube into the small hole above the Volume Up button on the left edge of the phone, and press it inward until the SIM tray pops out.


  1. Lay the first SIM card down in the slot labeled SIM1. The blunt corner of the SIM card should be pointed toward the Volume Up button of the phone.


  1. Lay the second SIM card down in the slot labeled SIM2. The blunt corner of the SIM card should be pointed toward the Voume Up button of the phone.


  1. Carefully push the tray back into the phone, making sure the cards are not displaced.

After inserting two SIM cards, your phone will prompt you to select a default SIM for call, messages and data. This setting is also available in Settings > Network & Internet > SIM cards.

Note: The SIM2 slot overlaps with the Micro SD card slot, and they can not be used at the same time. To insert and set up a Micro SD card, visit the link below:

I tested mine with two SIMs a little back, and I determined that the phone is not Dual SIM Single Active. However I forgot to test if it could get a call on SIM2 while on a call with SIM1
So I know that it is not Dual SIM Single Active
But is it Dual SIM Dual Passive or Dual SIM Dual Active?

Wouldn’t a hybrid SIM adapter work to use microSD card and the second SIM?

It could work. However that is not something we have tried or would advise.

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Also - here is a comparison of the SIM card sizes. Teracube requires nano SIM cards.

so is the phone Dual SIM Dual Passive?
or Dual SIM Dual Active?

I just tried 2 SIMs. Both SIMs are active and can receive/dial calls at any time. They can’t have 2 calls simultaneously though - not sure if this qualifies it to be Passive or Active.

if it can’t receive a SIM2 call while on the first SIM call, then it would be Dual SIM Dual Passive
Some other phones do dual over LTE, so that might still be a vector.

This does indeed work. I tried it with my dual sims.

I wont use it long term (because I can use my old phone for my EU sim)

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I haven’t used a dual SIM phone before. Inserting the second SIM was simple, but it took me a while to work out how to actually make a call from the second SIM.

So for anyone else new to this, go to Settings - Network and Internet, then click “Calls and SMS”, then “Calls” and you can make your choice. Similar process for text messages. You can also click “Always ask” which I’m guessing means you get asked which SIM you want to use every time you make a call or text.

Sadly I wasn’t able to change the ringtone for the other SIM - it would be helpful to be able to quickly tell whether the call is from friends/family or business. The only way to tell the difference seems to be that if the call is coming from SIM 1 the alert takes over the whole screen, whereas if it’s from SIM 2 it just appears as a small box at the top.

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