How will shipment be handled for the Teracube 2e?

Hi, I just saw a post today on Reddit, and I have some questions concerning the shipment process for the Teracube 2e.

As we can see in the post, it seems that USPS sorting facilities are in a big mess as of right now (in the post we can only see one unknown sorting facility, but I’m pretty certain that the situation should be similar around the country). Therefore, I was wondering if Teracube was planning on using USPS for shipping the final product, and if it could potentially cause additional delays if the situation is not rectified by the end of the holiday season?

Thank you!

We have not finalized our couriers fully. DHL eCommerce is one potential - they do partner with USPS. Keep in mind though that Holiday shipping woes should improve quite a lot after Christmas and new year.

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