I bought a net10 sim card for my 2e and net10 can't get the mobile hotspot to work says connected but no internet

I bought a net10 sim card for my 2e and net10 can’t get the mobile hotspot to work. Says connected no internet. Any ideas?

Could be an APN issue or net10’s configuration. Are you sure they support hotspot? Is your Internet/4G working (you can test by disabling wifi)?

3 techs tried to get it working and when they couldn’t they said there may be something wrong with the phone. I don’t believe this as the phone has performed perfectly on everything else. I think there download to my phone is corrupted. I’m eventually going to use the phone on cricket. So I’ll just wait until then.

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I remember that Cricket charges extra for their hotspot functionality. Just FYI.

I pay the extra for the mobile hotspot and it worked fine on my old phone but it won’t work with the 2e for some reason. And like net10, cricket techs have tried everything they can think of to get it to work and no luck.

Have heard nothing further from you regarding my issue. Is there a problem with the site?

Sorry for missing out on your message earlier.

For your Net10 connection: Which underlying carrier are you using with Net10? It seems they give different SIMs for all 4 carriers. I can dig up the right APN settings accordingly.

For your Cricket connection: Cricket may be blocking hotspot for BYOD phones. You may reach out to their customer service about that. Also read the thread below: