I'm frustrated with customer service

They only reply once per day, that’s the biggest frustration. Second, I bought a phone case and the $89 replacement thing together per their communication and I gave them an order number. They said they don’t need the order number but a transaction ID. I can’t find a transaction number anywhere on the links they gave me and they refused to move forward without a transaction ID, whatever that is.

As I’m writing this I wonder if they mean a PayPal transaction ID. Hmm Aha! Paypal has transaction ID’s. If they wanted a Paypal transaction ID, why didn’t they say Paypal? They never once mentioned Paypal (assuming that’s what they wanted). SUPER frustrated!

Hi @MyTrizzle - I apologize for your experience. I’ll take this feedback to the team and see how we can improve our email communication to reduce back-and-forth.

In the meantime, you could schedule a call with us to get everything done in one shot.


I didn’t know calling was an option, thank you!

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