Installing GSI on Ubuntu

sudo apt install synaptic
sudo apt install unxz
sudo apt install nautilus-admin
nautilus -q

Open Application…
Synaptic Package Manager> Search> Android
Tick: adb and fastboot
Click Apply

Download GSI of your choice.

cd Downloads
unxz gsi-of-your-choice.img.xz

Open Files…
Now, open New Window and choose Other Locations> Computer
Right-click on usr, click on Open as Administrator, type in your password
Click to lib/android-sdk/platform-tools
Move gsi-of-your-choice.img from Downloads to platform-tools

cd /usr/lib/android-sdk/platform-tools
adb devices
adb reboot-bootloader
fastboot flashing unlock


  1. Press and hold power button until power off.
  2. Hold volume up + power until a menu appears on your phone.
  3. Press volume up until the arrow points to recovery mode.
  4. Press volume down to select. You should enter recovery mode in few seconds.
  5. Press volume down until “Enter fastboot” is highlighted.
  6. Press power to select and enter fastboot.

fastboot flash system gsi-of-your-choice.img
fastboot -w

Press reboot system now.
You should now boot into your GSI… be patient.


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