Introducing Teracube thrive - a safe phone for kids (Coming soon)

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Hi Everyone,

As you all know, Teracube aims to solve big sustainability issues with our electronics. There is another big problem impacting our society right now: screen time addiction. This is not only relevant for adults but also very scary for our Kids. Average screen usage for Pre-teens is 4-6 hours and an astronomical 9+ hours for Teens!

It was not these stats or the Facebook whistleblower but a close friends’ daughter suffering from severe body image depression that made me think - we should not be sitting idle while parents and kids across the planet are struggling to manage their screen time and social media addiction.

I’m excited to announce that we have made progress and are getting ready to launch Teracube thrive - a safe phone for kids. Thrive inherits the sustainability attributes of Teracube phones and has been created to provide a safe, productive experience for children while protecting them from some of the harmful effects of technology that we all know too well.

How is thrive different? Most other smartphones are made for adults and require an app. Teracube thrive on the other hand has built-in parental controls so that Kids get a safe phone experience right out of the box.

Sharad Mittal
Founder, Teracube

ps: Would love to hear from you. Please post your comments, suggestions or questions below. And please keep the discussion related to thrive only.

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I would love to see a UI/UX walkthrough of how this works. I’m years off from needing it for myself, but this could be important for friends and family with children of an age where phone usage becomes more normalized.

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Will share more on that soon :slight_smile:.

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Honestly, depending on how it’s designed, I think this would be useful as a phone for adults too. I could use my willpower to keep from being on my phone too much, but I’d rather spend that willpower on other things. So a phone that I could actually set up proper restrictions on for myself would be great.

(I’ve tried doing this via apps before, but the integration just isn’t deep enough, and it always ends up being flaky and/or broken in various ways.)


Love your comment right there. I think the screen addiction has gone out of proportions. Most people underestimate their screen usage and the effect it’s having on our society. I also use an app to keep my screen usage in check.

A dedicated phone which does this specifically would be nice, huh :wink: :zipper_mouth_face:

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@cessen, same honestly. I know I’m not that bad given how I see family and friends use their devices, but it is still far worse than I’d like.

I wave it way by saying that at least I spend my time reading news/tech articles so I’m not just mindlessly scrolling socials, but it is still a massive time-sink.

It honestly makes me want my dumbphones back… Their purity of purpose was a delight, and charging once a week was amazing. I never reached for it to fill a silent moment like I do with this freaking phone.

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