iodéOS + 2E

I am co-founder of ‘iodéOS’: a Privacy-Focused Android(LineageOS) based Operating System blocking Ads & Trackers.

iodéOS is freed from Google trackers & comes with a built-in adblocker that analyses in real-time data requests from your apps and allows you to :

  • see the identity of all recipients and the quantity of data they wish to collect
  • block if you want unwanted recipients (advertisements, malwares, spams, statistics & trackers)
  • measure how privacy-respectful your apps are

Today we’re happy to have partnered with Teracube and successfully ported iodéOS to the 2E!
If you are interested in the combination of iodéOS+2E you can either follow the installation process or directly buy a iodé 2E in our e-shop. I would also be happy to answer your questions regarding iodéOS here.


That’s amazing! I’ve never heard about iodéOS before, it looks awesome! Keep up the good work guys!


bummer its on android 10 will 11 be soon? otherwise looks pretty nice.

We are actually beta testing android 11 on other supported models but not the 2E for now, and no ETA

This was a super easy installation. Thank you for making this!

Once my teracube 1 is good to go again I think I might try this on my teracube 2e. I have enjoyed the 2e but would love to get an idea of what apps on my teracube 1 are sharing what.

Can Netflix and Amazon and Disney+ still work on this version of Android?

Thank you for your interest in iodé,
You can find a non-exhaustive list of compatible apps with iodéOS here: compatible apps with iodéOS | iodé
The mentioned apps are compatible


Once the latest Android 10 is up and running I plan on trying it out.

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Very cool OS @antoine ! I have flashed and tested on both a Teracube 2e and star2lte. I love the tracker blocking built into to OS core and how the VPN slot stays open for other functionality. Looking forward to the time it becomes fully open source. I appreciate @Team Teracube’s openness to custom ROMs!


Hi, I’ve ordered a Teracube and plan to install iodéOS on the phone, but I’m a little confused by the install instructions that simply say install TWRP from the Teracube forums. At the very least, shouldn’t there be a specific link in the instructions to the forum page you’re referring to?

Hi & thank you for your interest in iodé.
Sure we will add a little more details on our readme page. You can find TWRP here. You can choose your preferred recovery; I have just added LOS recovery.

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Thank you. I appreciate the reply and the link. I’m coming from years of exclusive iPhone use, so installing TWRP and sideloading flash zip files on phones is new to me. If I manage to get this installed and enjoy the experience I’ll be sure to contribute and and send some coffees your way :wink: Thanks again.

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I bought my teracube 2e a couple of weeks ago directly from iodé.
Therefore my device is originally equipped with iodé OS (that is essentially a standard distribution of lineage OS with the addition of microG, some specific privacy oriented configurations and the famous iodé app).

I definitely love my privacy and now I can use a phone that does not send continuously my personal data to Google. I can control exactly the information flow originated from my phone and I can block unwanted requests.
I’m not using facebook apps, so facebook itself is not a problem for me.
I’ve replaced Google cloud with my personal cloud, using my Synology NAS. This involves contacts, calendars, notes, pictures and videos.
I also installed my preferred apps from F-Droid and from Aurora Store.

Everything seems amazing…
But my phone has rapidly become quite slow (mainly during animations, while scrolling pages or surfing the Internet via the browser) and sometimes this is frustrating. I have about 60 apps in total and the same configuration if very fluid on my Xiaomi MI A3 that runs stock android and is not a powerful phone.
There is clearly a problem with lineage OS, perhaps it should be optimized for the device. In fact there is no official distribution available up to now from lineage OS for teracube 2e.

I hope that this problem will be solved with future updates, but I think that Teracube itself should consider to work on this topic (maybe with iodé) in order to offer a privacy oriented phone without sacrifying too much the user experience.

Privacy + Sustainability = perfect phone

Have you tried rebooting occasionally? As far as I know, it does fix the issue. As long as official Lineage OS is concerned, it would be be the same thing more or less, it’d just be a tag.
User experience is a primary concern and is already being addressed.

Hi Gagan,
Rebooting doesn’t help.
I also tried to configure the “performance profile” in the battery saving menu… But unfortunately it doesn’t appear on Teracube 2E (it seems to be device dependent).
Maybe I should try to monitor the system performance, is there a way to do that?

When I fastboot recovery recovery.img, I receive an error “this partition doesn’t exist”

$ fastboot flash recovery ./Downloads/androidstudio/iode/recovery.img
target reported max download size of 134217728 bytes
sending ‘recovery’ (32768 KB)…
OKAY [ 0.955s]
writing ‘recovery’…
FAILED (remote: This partition doesn’t exist)
finished. total time: 0.958s

Is it still true that there are no iodéOS ROMs available for the TeraCube 2e - 2022 devices? If not, is there a plan to eventually do so?

@antoine can reflect in detail. I’m under the impression that they have builds ready in Beta with the potential launch coming soon.

Thank you or the fast update.

Do you own a 2E from the 2022 version batch (emerald)?
If so then the install process is different; we will upload it soon.
You can also join our beta tester telegram group here if you want to beta test with us.