iodéOS + 2E

I am co-founder of ‘iodéOS’: a Privacy-Focused Android(LineageOS) based Operating System blocking Ads & Trackers.

iodéOS is freed from Google trackers & comes with a built-in adblocker that analyses in real-time data requests from your apps and allows you to :

  • see the identity of all recipients and the quantity of data they wish to collect
  • block if you want unwanted recipients (advertisements, malwares, spams, statistics & trackers)
  • measure how privacy-respectful your apps are

Today we’re happy to have partnered with Teracube and successfully ported iodéOS to the 2E!
If you are interested in the combination of iodéOS+2E you can either follow the installation process or directly buy a iodé 2E in our e-shop. I would also be happy to answer your questions regarding iodéOS here.


That’s amazing! I’ve never heard about iodéOS before, it looks awesome! Keep up the good work guys!


bummer its on android 10 will 11 be soon? otherwise looks pretty nice.

We are actually beta testing android 11 on other supported models but not the 2E for now, and no ETA

This was a super easy installation. Thank you for making this!

Once my teracube 1 is good to go again I think I might try this on my teracube 2e. I have enjoyed the 2e but would love to get an idea of what apps on my teracube 1 are sharing what.

Can Netflix and Amazon and Disney+ still work on this version of Android?

Thank you for your interest in iodé,
You can find a non-exhaustive list of compatible apps with iodéOS here: compatible apps with iodéOS | iodé
The mentioned apps are compatible


Once the latest Android 10 is up and running I plan on trying it out.

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Very cool OS @antoine ! I have flashed and tested on both a Teracube 2e and star2lte. I love the tracker blocking built into to OS core and how the VPN slot stays open for other functionality. Looking forward to the time it becomes fully open source. I appreciate @Team Teracube’s openness to custom ROMs!