iodéOS = LineageOS 18.1 + MicroG + adblocker

Has anyone tried this iodéOS? They have builds and install instructions for the 2e. Having just gotten my 2e from @Bill_Bray (Thanks, Bill!) and been quite disappointed to find the stock software is standard Goolag phone-home Android spyware, I’m going to try this.

Iodé is a French company in Toulouse. They sell phones, including the 2e, but only in the EU. Hopefully their software works internationally.

/e/ is also an option, except they have the stupidest name (’/e/’: seriously?) and their sofware has a terrible launcher (basically just all your apps) and I couldn’t figure out how to change it. The French have a sense of style, so their UI might be graceful and charmant.

I got iodé working on the 2e, and my first impression is that it is as suave as I was hoping. The only hang-up I ran into was that the recent 2.2 builds wouldn’t install via TWRP; I had to push and install the 1.4 build, boot, setup, and it promptly offered me the most recent update. This downloaded, but unfortunately TWRP isn’t a ‘compatible recovery’ for auto-update purposes, so I’ll either try iodé’s recovery or do a manual update.

Installed iodé recovery so I could install the gb update the updater had pulled and hidden. It’s touch, but primitive, but it did the update: painless from 1.4 to 2.2.

@Sharad: so far this looks very good indeed. If you’re not really in the software line, perhaps you should consider partnering with, offer a choice of your stock Goolag software or iodé, kick iodé a little vig on those. They’re already selling your hardware with iodé installed, but only in the EU.

I’m at a place with superfast wifi, so while I was typing this, it pulled a more recent update and is now installing that, all with two touches. Nice.

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Thanks @jbray for your Iode review and suggestions. Our plan is to continue offering Teracube 2e’s with stock firmware and allow alterrnative OS like /e/ OS and Iode OS to install/resell our phones.

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