iPhone camera?

I’m extremely happy with my battery life, but my family (all iPhones) often complain when I send pictures. After well over a year my battery is still at 97% thanks to Charge Limit at 70% and nightly charging. But the iPhone camera is SO good and the 2e camera is so far behind that it leaves me wishing for either a 3e with a newer camera that’s competitive with the iPhone, or for a way to upgrade the 2e’s camera.
Can you tell us about any 3e or camera upgrade plans?

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Agreed. I’m very interested in hearing about camera upgrade options.
The image quality is so poor from the teracube’s phone that I’m almost ready to give up and buy a less sustainable phone (I know, it’s breaking my heart, but the camera is just so bad!).

As of now, we are staying with Teracube 2e hardware. Future version design might get camera upgrades (nothing planned yet though).

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