Is anyone else having issues depositing checks?

I have not been able to make a mobile deposit with this phone. App doesn’t matter, bank doesn’t matter. I had to keep my Samsung solely for mobile deposits. Not fun…

Yes. I tried doing mobile deposits and they almost all failed.

Is it the camera? I’ve done exactly 1 mobile deposit with my Teracube 2e & it worked. It was shortly after the Android 11 certified build was installed, so maybe it doesn’t work well on Android 10 for some reason.

Disclaimer: My Teracube 2e is being used as a “home phone” & a backup phone in case my daily driver (Pixel 3a XL) dies. I do carry it around occasionally & it goes with us on family trips.

Hi @Firefly4266 - I did it recently with Chase bank and it worked. Lighting might make a difference - could you try in a bright room. The focus needs help sometimes so moving back and forth could also do the trick.

The camera quality on the 2e isn’t great.
I have struggled with getting it to focus and tried multiple camera applications.

Perhaps this is the issue?

It could be. However, I also think the room lighting could make a difference.

And updating to Android 11 makes a BIG difference for the autofocus. In the various Android 10 builds, I was never able to get reliable focus. It was possible to deposit checks, but a 5-15 minute venture. It’s significantly less touchy after the upgrade.