Is it just me? Removing case also pulls off back of phone!

So I did search to see if anyone else had this issue, but didn’t find any results. Whenever I take my 2e out of its case, the corner of the back of the phone by the camera also pops off. This makes it very difficult to remove the case for any reason. Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve tried removing it several different ways, but that one corner of the back of the phone always pops off.


It happens to my T2e every now and again. I found if I didn’t press the back on well enough made it pop off more. But really doesn’t bug me at first I thought it didn’t have a back lol.

Just to confirm, do you start removing the case from the bottom right? If not, that would be the suggested way. Here is a small demo -

And yes - pressing to make sure all latches lock in is also important.

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