Is it possible to convert a "Freedom Phone" (with ClearOS) to e/OS?

My wife and I got “Suckered” into buying a Freedom Phone We do NOT like it. We can’t return it without losing 50% so, it’s collecting dust. I LOVE my Teracube 2E and the e/OS products. The “Freedom Phone” is basically a Umidigi A9 Pro. I assume I can dump their ClearOS and flash it with the e/OS. But I don’t know how. Can you point me to a site that will guide me through the process?

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Unfortunately, it looks like none of the major alternate OS flavors are generating options for any of the Umidigi phones, but if it’s just a rebranded Umidigi A9 Pro then you might be able to update it from ClearOS 10 to stock Umidigi Android, and then possibly shift it from there to a newer AOSP version using directions similar to the following:
[How to] flash GSI on Umidigi A7 Pro - Functional Guide | XDA Forums

Of course the standard disclaimer that is for a different Umidigi model, rebranded Umidigi does not mean identical, etc, etc. Also a note that Umidigi reuses the same model numbers over and over and over again and your A9 Pro 4GB could be the A9 Pro 2021 New ( UMIDIGI COMMUNITY-A9 Pro 2021 New - Powered by Discuz!) or the A9 Pro 2021 ( UMIDIGI COMMUNITY-A9 Pro 2021 - Powered by Discuz!) or the A9 Pro 2020 ( UMIDIGI COMMUNITY-2020 models-A9 Pro 2020 64GB - Powered by Discuz!) or even something different from all of these.

Best of luck.

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