Is it possible to use large micro sd?

i keep a LOT of music on my phone and im considering ordering a 2e once we get my daughters we are waiting on because the other 2 we already got for family members are working great. but i use a 256 or a 400gb micro sd in my current phone. is there a limit to the size that can be used? id love to be able to drop in a 400gb card.

thanks for the help


Even though the official limit from our chipset provider is 128 GB, we ourselves have been able to test and use a 256 GB card (and a user as well).

400 GB might be a different level though - feel free to test and let us know.

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i have 400 and 512 cards here once we get my daughters i will test them out and get back to you to let you know


My friend and I are both using 256 GB SanDisk micro SDs with no issues. We have them in the 2e.
I’d like to know if the 512gb works as well. I just received some and had them formatted for computers before I thought about trying them out in the 2e first. If they work, I’ll go with 512Gb as well.

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i should have her phone by end of week ill let everyone know. i have sandisk 400gb and both sandisk and samsung 512;s here.


for the last month or so I’ve been using this 512GB micro sd card and have had no issues.

SAMSUNG EVO Select 512GB microSDXC UHS-I U3 100MB/s Full HD & 4K UHD Memory Card with Adapter (MB-ME512HA)

bought/ship both from amazon.

using the google file manager I’ve transfer over apps data.

fx file manager sees it and uses it just fine.


I was lazy and hadn’t transferred to the teracube / 512G-msd card items I wanted to, lazy, so I took the card out of the teracube 2e and put in my desktop to load some music/movie/pics.

the 512G disk still working as expected with 50G or so added.


Thanks for reporting back! I have a 256gb now, going to order a 512gb. My 2 old MacBook Pro’s as well as my 2 Galaxy Tablets have 512gb cards already. I guess I have a thing for them…:blush:

yup tried adata, samsung and sandisk 512gb all work fine. speeds are not as fast as 2 of these cards can get (100/90) but they do work fine. so if you are buying for only the purpose of this phone you do not need the fastest card out there.


I tried the NUiFLASH 512GB but it does not work in my 2e. Will return this one to Amazon and get the ScanDisk either 256 or 512 version.

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