Is it true that a higher spec model is in development?

I saw a reddit post with a screenshot of a facebook post where the official teracube account alluded to a higher spec teracube model being in development. Is this true, or was the screenshot faked?

I know I would like to upgrade to a higher spec version as long as I got to keep my removable battery, and headphone jack if possible. I haven’t seen any other reference to it anywhere and suspect the poster made the screenshot themselves.

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Hi @Kiera_Todd , there is no official announcement regarding a new smartphone yet, however stay tuned for future announcements :upside_down_face:



I would like to understand Teracube’s operating model of releasing new devices while struggling to support their current devices. I am still waiting on a security patch OTA update for my 2e running Android 10. It’s been over a year since the last security patch was released. Then there’s the Android 11 fiasco of people reporting a bunch of issues with it. Not only have Teracube abandoned support for those of us still on Android 10, there’s still no OTA update for Android 11, and there’s already talk about Android 12 development. How does Teracube see this as a sustainable operating model? Is your plan to lure in new customers with these new devices all while not giving much needed support to your existing customers?

Hi @Maiku , Android 11 Stable Build for Teracube 2e is already out, I advice you to move to Android 11, an OTA will be pushed soon to every user. Further regarding Android 10, even Google depreciated Android 10 on their devices long ago and we advise you to update T2e to Android 11. Further to speed up the upgrade process, teams are working on Android 12 too :). Hope that resolves your query.


It’s not released via OTA. It requires manual steps to update and is already getting reports of SMS messages disappearing.

So I do not consider it an official release.

Every other vendor pushes releases over the air.

Teracube is the only company I see that expects users to fiddle with their phones at the risk of bricking their devices, and are expected to use the SP Flash tool to revert. This is expected from developers and enthusiasts who understand the process and risk.

I am waiting for an update to be pushed to my device over the air without manual steps.

Clearly your team is not comfortable enough to release it over the air. So don’t expect all your customers to buy in to your pre-releases.

It will be released via Fully-Over The Air (FOTA) soon, also can you Goto Settings > System > Teracube Updater and send me screenshot here?

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I don’t believe this is the right topic to troubleshoot my device. The concern I have is, I see that there is an issue within the Teracube team to deliver security patches in a timely manner. As much as I support your efforts to use one codebase for all devices with your A11 release, it’s still not ready for official FOTA release and people who are still on A10 haven’t had a security update for over a year now.

Won’t adding yet another device to support add extra strain? If the team is already struggling to support the T1 and T2e, my fear is that it will only get worse when yet another device gets released.

Frankly, I don’t understand your operating model.

I believe the phone Teracube is about to come out with is called Thrive. It is designed for children and to give parents better control over their kid’s screen time. While I think the phone could be a good idea I would have a hard time supporting it as the Teracube pattern seems to be- design and sell phone, fail at support, design and sell next phone, repeat. As a T1 owner, I have given up hope of the phone being updated before the warranty period expires.

Hi there! I’m the one who posted that screenshot. Here’s a link to the Facebook post if you want to check it out yourself: Redirecting...

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As far as I can tell, Teracube switched from vanilla Android to /e/ within the last year. There’s even an installer application: Try the Easy Installer beta

I know it’s a big thing to switch operating systems, transfer your files, reinstall and set up apps, etc, but it should get you to the latest version of Android.

I should probably mention that I don’t actually have a Teracube. I’m still using an iPhone 6 from 2014 because I’ve been waiting for a phone that ticks all the boxes. Teracube ticks most of the boxes. The only one left un-ticked is specs; I want a phone that can handle four major OS upgrades without too much difficulty. I’m looking forward to the upcoming higher-spec model. I hope to be able to keep the phone long enough to be able to go through two replacement batteries. I wanted to get a Fairphone, but they aren’t sold in the US and consequently aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. They also removed the headphone jack a year or so ago. So, a higher-spec Teracube would be pretty much perfect for me.

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