Is Teracube One compatible with Sprint?

We have always claimed Sprint to be incompatible with Teracube (because of CDMA and different LTE Bands). And Teracube is fully compatible with T-Mobile network. Now that Sprint has been merged with T-Mobile, does that change the compatibility for Sprint customers? We are not sure at this point in time. Even if it works for 1-2 customers, we still can not be sure if it will work for all (old) Sprint customers.

Recommendation for Sprint customers
Given the uncertainty, it is better to be prudent for some time. If you are an old Sprint customer and if you already have a Teracube One, then go ahead and give it a try.

However if you don’t have a Teracube yet, then please don’t buy it hoping that it will work with your Sprint connection. Better to convert your Sprint connection to a T-Mobile connection first.

Please post your query here or email us at for clarifications. We will update here if there are any changes.

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From what I’ve heard (I could be wrong) with Sprint being CDMA and T mobile being GSM is if you have a GSM only phone you only get to use the Tmobile towers but its still under Sprint. If you have a GSM and CDMA phone than you can take advantage of both networks of towers.