Joyn App from.metro pcs on my phone pre installed! No way to remove!

Ok so my T1 is down so I am transfering to my T2 but when I go to contacts the Metro PCS app Joyn keeps trying to load. I looked in the app drawer and it doesn’t show up and I can not remove it. I live in Canada and do not have Metro pcs here and I am so tired of this damn app trying to run over my contacts every time I try to look up some one and I have to exit the app to use the contacts. Please help. Also why is their bloat ware on the phone? This was a clean install after 2x factory resets.

Ok so it’s what comes with the phone so installed google contacts and removed all permissions from the phones built-in contacts and removed it’s permissions. So it can no longer access the phone and no longer pops up. What a horrible app!

Same here, but in the US. I am also not on metopsc.
It keeps popping up and I can’t get rid of it. It interferes with text messages and phone calls no matter how many times I tell it to exit and go away. I haven’t signed up, I don’t want it, and it is beyond annoying.
And since it’s not a formal app (according to the app store) I can’t send it off to hell like I want to.
How do we make it go away?

Found away around it. It built into the contacts program that comes with phone. Download Google contacts and then remove all permissions from the built in contacts and remove the right to change settings on the phone then just use the google contacts. It didn’t affect my sms but I didn’t activate it. Install goggle messages if sms getting buggered. But once kill the contacts it’s built-in to you should be fine. That’s how I killed it on mine

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Thanks @Frontpage32 - this is very helpful. Just to confirm - you removed all permissions from the built-in contacts app. How do you remove the right to change settings on the phone?

@Sharad no problem… best way to motivate me is annoying apps lol. Ok here is how to do it.

Ensure you have installed google contacts first!
Go to the system and select
Apps and notification, go to bottom of page and select → advanced then, permission manager then select contacts scroll down to contacts app and select it. Pay attention to the look of it and not accidentally do it to the google version. (Note install google contacts before going further, failer to do so may loose all your contacts!) Now select the correct app and then select deny on this page. Next select the option below it. Ensure to set each to deny. This basically removes all access to the phone preventing it from doing anything. I do not know of a restart will undo this as I have not needed to restart. But following the above it’s easy to do. Also people can review all app permissions in all parts of the phone. In the permissions manager page

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