Just me? Unable to send RCS

This is a “Is it just me?” post.

I’m running Android13Beta2 on Emerald hw with service from US MVNO carrier, Mint (now owned by T-Mobile, boo!)

I can’t send RCS chats with the Google Messages app for the last few weeks (since end-of-Feb)

SMS texts go through just fine but RCS with people I’ve had no problem with in the past are now unable to be delivered with a message status that reads:

"Not sent, tap for options"

The only option is to retry and no amount of rebooting or resending is successful.

Apparently Google has quietly made changes deciding what phones can use its RCS services - seems selective, but folks using rooted phones are being affected:

While I’m not using a rooted device, I know my 13Beta2 release isn’t certified and concerned that might be a factor.

I’m interested to hear if anyone else is having RCS problems.


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Mmm… RCS doesn’t seem to be working on my emerald/zirconia/ruby units on non-certified builds either.

Let’s see if anyone else is also experiencing this.

To be honest, I gave up on RCS and just use MMS and Threema, so I had not noticed.

Google is blocking RCS on rooted Android phones and custom ROMs (androidauthority.com)

Basically, if it doesn’t pass device certification, RCS messages are blocked now.

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@Saijin_Naib , @Maymne
Thanks for the info and confirmation. :+1:


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Not a problem. As Vlaflip noted on the Beta2 thread, you can root and then try to use PIF to bypass device certification and make RCS messages work again, but your best long-term solution if you don’t have any apps or solutions which NEED root is to use a proper certified build. Sometimes that isn’t an option though.


Using Beeper with Google Messages connected also does not bypass this :triumph: